Statins Reduce the Synthesis of Coenzyme Q10


Ubiquinol may be important for patients taking cholesterol-lowering statin medications because statin medications can reduce Coenzyme Q10 levels in the body. It has a protective property on red blood cells, helping especially to maintain levels during long-term therapy with statins. Statin Drugs and CoQ10 Deficiency Naturally produced in bodies, ubiquinol is an active form of  […]

Pelargonium Sidoides Reduces Bronchitis Symptoms


Pelargonium sidoides also known as Umckaloabo, is a herbal remedy thought to be effective in the therapy of acute respiratory infections. EPs 7630 is a specific extract from the roots of the P. sidoides. To examine the efficacy of therapy with EPs 7630 in patients with acute bronchitis, a multi-centre, prospective, open observational study was […]