Aloe Vera Relieves Inflammation

Aloe vera reduces inflammation. Various researches have showed that aloe vera consists of Lupeol or phyto-steroids, Campesterol and B-Sitosterol. These substances work in the similar manner as conventional steroids. Aloe contains small levels of salicylic acid and salicylates.

Aloe Vera and Anti-inflammatory Effects

The anti-inflammatory effect of aloe vera has been revealed by a number of in vitro and in vivo studies. Aloe appears to exert its anti-inflammatory effect through bradykinase effect and thromboxane B2 and prostaglandin F2 inhibition. Aloe vera contains salicylic acid which is an aspirin-like compound with analgesic and anti inflammatory effects. Salicylic acid has pain relief effects and relieves inflammation by inhibiting the production of prostaglandin hormones-which encourage inflammation. Three plant sterols in aloe vera reduces inflammation by up to 37% in croton oil-induced oedema in mice. Also, in researches, aloe vera has been shown to possess anti-bradykinin effect. Bradykinin is part of the body’s complex mechanism that causes painful inflammation.

Plant steroids have inflammatory properties, and according to a 2006 article reported by “Family Health News Nutrition“, salicylic acid and  aspirin are similar in anti-inflammatory effect. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications ease swollen joints and improve mobility, however may trigger stomach upsets or peptic ulcers. Aloe vera can alleviate inflammation, help to regenerate new cells and disperse damaged tissue with no adverse effects. Scientists in Mexico found that aloe vera inhibits COX-2, an enzyme that causes inflammation in the arachidonic acid pathway. According to the article reported in Dec 1994 in the “Journal of the American Podiatric Association”, aloe has a natural COX-2 inhibiting effect which relieves pain, fever and inflammation in the muscle without the unfavorable effects of the COX-2 inhibiting drugs. In a study animals were injected with a bacterium to cause arthritic symptoms. Further, aloe vera (150mg/kg body weight) was injected under the skin daily for 13 days. Aloe vera reduced inflammation by 79 % and suppressed the autoimmune response by 42 %.

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