Burdock Benefits and Side Effects

The burdock (Arctium lappa) is a herb found in the continents of Asia and Europe. Extract is derived from the root or seeds of the plant. Constituents; are fixed and volatile oils, starch, mucilage, a bitter principle, inulinĀ  resin, tannic acid, silicon, copper, cobalt, manganese, zinc, iron, chromium, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E. (Also, new researches demonstrate that burdock root oil extract is rich in phytosterols and essential fatty acids). Various researches have shown that plant root can be used as an antidote because it neutralizes and eliminates poison in the system.

Burdock Benefits

A powerful blood purifier and cleaner, burdock has been used to neutralize and eliminate toxins in the system. It develops the capacity of many of the organs which purify the body and eliminate toxins or waste. As a diuretic and diaphoretic, burdock root promotes sweating, which helps to release toxins through the skin and promotes increased urine, further eliminating toxins via the bladder and kidneys.

Has been shown to decrease liver damage in animals. In one study burdock was found to protec the liver cells from the damage of taking acetaminophen. Burdock can be combined with dandelion root to make tea, which is liver stimulator and cleanser. 2002 study, reported in the “Journal of Biomedical Science“, found that burdock’s antioxidant activities helped to protect the liver from damage due to alcohol consumption.

This plant includes inulin, a natural dietary fiber, and has been used to develop digestion. Beneficial influences the digestive tract functions, and protects the lining of the stomach. Inulin positively influences metabolism, helps to improve lipid metabolism, so lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Also, inulin may act as a buffer, preventing blood glucose levels from fluctuates erratically.

Because burdock root includes phytochemicals that are antifungal and antibacterial it may be useful in treating, psoriasis, eczema, ringworm. In skin ailments, it is a remedy and has effected a treatment in many cases of eczema, either taken alone or combined with other plants, such as Sarsaparilla and Yellow Dock. A clinical trial found that topical application of a product containing burdock extract significantly developed dermal extracellular matrix metabolism and visibly decreased wrinkles.

Side Effects

Not recommended for use by women who are pregnant or nursing. Animal-based studies show that burdock root stimulates the uterus. As with other sources of soluble fibre, burdock itself may decrease the absorption of drugs and therefore should be taken separately from these.

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